What’s Megan up to?

Some days, the most difficult part of my day is getting out of bed, leaving my husband, cat, and dog cozy in the RV, and going to work. Wow, life is not so rough! However, I feel guilty knowing Ian is doing so much work toward Memory Millionaires and I am not able to contribute to that effort as much as I would like. I have not done a fraction of the amount of work Ian has done around Gemini Starship. I have to remind myself that MM is now Ian’s full-time job and I need to be working 50 hours a week to support that; I am adding value to MM by providing the finances needed to move forward. And are we moving fast! Ian’s transition to full-time Memory Millionaire has moved up our estimated date of putting our house on the market quite a bit. In the week he has been unemployed Ian has completed tasks that may have taken up to a month for us to complete in the time we have after work and on weekend. I can’t be there to help him all the time, but I do what I can, and I know that someday soon things are going to change.

For now, I focus on my work and things that need to be wrapped up before I leave. There are a few projects I have in-progress which I don’t want to leave to just fall off when I leave, so I will continue to work on tying up loose ends and work on turnovers for other those I will not be able to complete. I’m still plugging away at my daily tasks, but am careful not to take on anything long term, as I suspect I have two months or less remaining here.

What do I look forward to most when I join Ian in unemployment and the full-time Memory Millionaire lifestyle? I look forward to taking the time in the morning to cuddle up in bed with my husband and our pets, even if for just a few moments. I look forward to making coffee and taking Brewer on his morning walk, to making breakfast at a leisurely pace and not rushing to make it to a bus before 6am. Naps, I really look forward to naps! I look forward to getting lost in a book and being able to make the decision that I’m just going to stay lost for an hour (or two).   Ian and I have our Kindles and I have started a list of books I want to read/re-read.  If you have a suggestion of a great read, I would love to hear it. There are so many things I could list that I look forward to, but most of all I look forward to exploring this continent with Ian, and whoever joins us along the way, learning, experiencing, and living in a way we have never done before!


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