Digital presence and our absence

You would think with the world so connected these days that we would unconsciously be sharing our story, but we’re not.  It is hard to script days, it is hard to make trips into a show-and-tell, and having never been someplace makes it extra hard to appreciate it until after you’ve seen it.

I am writing to you from Megan’s dad’s driveway, where we are visiting for Easter, sharing videos and photos of the trip with the family, and I wish there was more to show!

For the seventy eighth time… We are working on it.

We don’t share enough about where we go, how we get there, and what we love about it.  Why share at all? 

Not everyone reading this will be traveling, or even interested in visiting half the places we go, but WE should be interested in documenting our own adventure, so we can look back and laugh, love, and learn from where we’ve been.

I’m curious though, who is reading this?

Why are you reading it?

What do you get out of it?

It is our own fault that we could count the answers on one hand, or none at all.  So maybe we should answer those questions for ourselves and figure out just what this blog should be for.

Who is reading this?

Mostly family and some friends and the occasional travel blogger.

Why are you reading it?

Family because they’re excited to see their loved ones safe and happy, friends to read about places they could visit and see that we haven’t changed much, and the fellow traveler to see how we are doing it and what we’re learning.

What do you get out of it?

Some cool sights and our smiling faces. MAYBE you learn something.

That last one I think we are especially bad at documenting.  We have learned so much and I don’t feel it comes out enough.  I love to share how not to screw something up, because I likely did.  I think this blog needs more “how not to screw _____ up.”

Our relationship is learning  as well.  For three months now we have been nearly inseparable.  Everyday, every hour, nearly every minute, right next to each other.  When we sit down to a meal we might try to get you to sit next to one of us instead of sitting next to one another, just to change it up a bit.  Don’t read too far into that though, we are still very much in love with each other, and every day we learn how to be this close and still stay close 😉

In the very near future we will be sharing another video, including our best friend Cait, and the adventures we had with her.  Also, we will share our trips to St. Louis and Hot Springs Natl Park.  Once caught up, i’m (Ian) committed to better sharing our trials, struggles, and triumphs so that maybe you learn something and that we never forget.

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