Exercise Gear for the Road: The “Perfect” System

After training in, and becoming accustomed to, CrossFit style exercises, it was quickly apparent that we would be compromising our fitness adapting to the RV lifestyle. Barbells and bumper plates are not a practical piece of equipment in an RV.  We searched for something that could:

  1. Recreate or simulate movements like Deadlifts, Snatches, Cleans, Weighted Squats, and Thrusters.
  2. Occupy the smallest footprint possible
  3. Be affordable

After some searching, we found a Kickstarter campaign for “BodyBoss Home Gym.” The system uses a stationary plate with steel loops to attach resistance bands to.  

The kickstarter backer package we purchased got us everything you see here.  Currently the available package on the BodyBoss shop page is listed as having six resistance bands versus our four and does not include the door attachments we have (the straps with the ball-like foam at the end).  The base folds to a fairly small, thin, piece and the bar unscrews into two pieces and fits into the carrying bag with all the other gear.


We have used it within about a dozen workouts attempting to replicate some of the movements that get us sweaty and ugly.  The system comes with a quad-folded small poster with 5 suggested movements for each attachment.  IMG_5526

Admittedly, we did not try every single movement, but we did learn to increase resistance by using more than one of the steel loops to kind of leverage a shorter distance for the straps (pictured).  The system is sturdy and easy to clean and stores in the gap behind our driver seat and the couch behind.

The Body Boss System is a terrific fit for full time RV lifestyle.  It does occupy a minimal footprint, it could easily store in as small a RV as a VW Bus and even in use, does not require a large area or overhead.  Most of the movements could be performed inside!

The cost to us was different as an early backer but, even the current listed price of $250 is worth it.  For the amount of movements and the potential to improve fitness, the system is a great value.

To us, our intentions did not fit this system.  Attempting to recreate Crossfit style intensity and the feeling of the workouts, with resistance, does not work.  We are not experts, we only know how we feel and resistance based training does not feel right.

While it did meet our needs, this system is an excellent choice for a few reasons

  1. The small storage footprint and the equally small space needed to use it is ideal for RV living.
  2. No complicated setup, easily accessed, with a huge variety of workouts gives you little excuse not to use it.
  3. The growing support system of YouTube videos and Live workout streams means you can begin setting goals and have a path to reach them.
  4. We believe the price brings good value however, it is up to you to just how valuable the results are.

Soon we will be listing our system for sale, as we have found something that better meets our needs.  Neither of us however, would not hesitate to recommend this system to fellow full time RV-ists.  In the near future we will share more of our equipment and how we get our ugly on.  In the meantime please contact us at memorymillionaires@gmail.com or via the comments to ask more questions or even inquire about the sale of our BodyBoss system.  Also here is a hint as to what we have found, makes us the best ugly:


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