Unofficial Suggestions on Coddiwompling: A wrong turn may be the right way.

Our return trip to Louisiana was to attend the infamous party at Fred’s Lounge near Eunice, about an hour north of Lafayette.  We found a fantastic spot at Lakeview RV Park in Eunice and settled in for a four day stay.  The park had live music, a man made lake with all kinds of inflated slides and obstacles, and we were having a great time.  Fred’s has a reputation for the best party around but it starts early, 730 early and if you’re not there by 800 don’t expect to get a seat and by 830 don’t even try.  The night before the Saturday we planned to attend, neither of us could sleep.  We snoozed through our alarm and woke up at 900.  Bummer.

It had been over a month since my (Ian) last haircut so we decided to go into Lafayette to make me beautiful again.  I got an appointment at a spot I found on Yelp, and they even gave  complimentary beer during haircuts, The Refinery Downtown.  Megan immediately crushed on the girl cutting my hair; she learned of our trip and she asked if “You’re in town for FESTIVAL!?”

“No, I mean, I have no idea what FESTIVAL is,” I say.

She stops cutting my hair and looks me straight in the eye socket and says, “You are here for FESTIVAL!  You’re staying, get a spot at Acadian Park, here is a list of places to check out while you’re in town.”

We did that, six days ago, and we have had one of the most amazing experiences of our Coddiwomple.  This blog is a shameless teaser.  Our time here is not over, so I feel we need to wait until then to properly share the story, BUT! the lesson is already here…

A wrong turn may be the right way.

Stay tuned for videos and stories of amazing people!

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