Go Outside and Play: Hot Springs National Park

Enjoy this short, and somewhat blurry, video of Hot Springs National Park and its trails.

During our stay at Dreher Island on Lake Murray, we dropped the GoPro and chipped the lens.  We ordered a replacement and did some surgery; unfortunately, I (Ian) was not the most accurate in reinstalling the lens.  It is threaded in, so when reinstalling it must be at the same standout as the previous lens, as the GoPro does not have an active focus.  I was a little off, and that is why the footage is blurred.  It doesn’t look too bad if you leave the window small and do not use full screen.

We stayed at Gulpha Gorge Campground in Hot Springs National Park and used the Dead Chief trail to access the Visitor Center and the Grand Promenade.

I am forever changing the way I capture and process our footage.  If you have seen more than one of our videos you probably know this already, if not you should check out a few more after this one.  I would very much appreciate feedback and constructive criticism!

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