Ian’s Several Essential Items Necessary for an Enjoyable Coddiwomple

Our travels days, our lazy days, or our adventure days all start the same.  We wake, remind each other that we are in love, then our dog Brewer jumps into the bed to reaffirm our love for him as well, and to tell us that he is hungry and must be walked before breakfast.  Megan or I depart to Brewer’s duties (see what I did there?!) and whoever remains begins the simple task of making coffee with our AeroPress.


I know that Megan has already presented this item to you as part of our must haves, but I’m going to reiterate: this thing is the shit.  I’ve never been in marketing, however I’m always critical of a product’s presentation, especially when the item boasts on its box “This makes the best coffee ever.”  Of all the angles to tempt passersby, especially the types surveying the coffee aisle, an empty claim to perfection that feels like a late night infomercial one-liner literally made me laugh when Megan suggested its purchase.   That is until I unboxed and followed the few easy steps.  This thing makes the best coffee ever.  It’s compact, the paper liners are compostable (actually, we watched them disappear in our own compost back home), and it allows for individual coffee brews, meaning I can have a strong but watered down cup and Megan can have a super strong, not watered down cup.  Ok enough, you get it, AeroPress is boss.

We all have little computers called smart phones we haul around with us into any and every situation, some that cost nearly as much as a first car.  We literally cry if they are harmed or out of commission.  Protect them! 


LifeProof Case and its supplemental LifeActiv Mount System are my next item.  Your precious is now contained in a waterproof, shock resistant, and reasonably sized case that has a warranty- A WARRANTY!  Then, since you’re active and the precious guides you where ever you need to go, you buy the LifeProof mounting system.  Now you can mount the precious to a bike, a windshield, and even your arm.  These are not cheap items but neither is the item they are protecting.  It is worth the piece of mind that, while anywhere on your Coddiwomple, so long as all your accesses are shut, when the precious falls from your hands, as long as its not into a pit of molten lava, the precious will be safe.

During your Coddiwomple, your coffee charged, smartphone guided days will land you in places spanning the country.  Inevitably you will enjoy tasty adult beverages with friends or loved ones in far away places.  Some may have bottle caps to be thrown away and forgotten forever.  Or you could use those caps to memorialize that terrific moment!


We own the very same map you see above and it is one of our prized possessions.  Well mine at least.  Granted this required a bit of engineering to affix it to our rig’s ceiling.  It turns out that the fabric on our ceiling was identical to the “loop” of the traditional hook and loop velcro construction.

Which brings me to my next item.  3M Command Strips.


These things make so many things happen.  We hate the sound of something crashing behind us while driving and these have secured pictures, curtains, shelves, and our beer cap map.  Not having to make holes in our walls and still feel confident that something is secure is worth a lot to us.

Speaking of holes, we have some.  Our RV is 24 years old with 115,000 miles on it, it is not perfect.  So after a hole or leak shows itself we will repair it, but reversing the dribble of water into cracks and crevices requires some help.  We fight the damp with a GE 30 Pint Dehumidifier.


I saved the styrofoam base from the packaging to help keep it from rolling around.  It also stows perfectly beneath our kitchen table.  Added bonus, the water harvested can be used for dishwashing or flushing the toilet!

Finally, anyone’s Coddiwomple or road trip has potential for accidents. Remove any doubt of fault with a Dash Cam.


While they do not prevent accidents, they will only be honest; so long as you drive safely and defensively this will be your greatest ally.  I have purchased the pictured model for myself and three family members.  None have complained and installation is easy.  The distributor “Spy Tech” selling on Amazon have a terrific customer service record and have hundred of options if this one does not suit you.

Our lists will continue to evolve as does our Coddiwomple.  This series can get more specific too, so I plan to share items necessary for an enjoyable RV powered coddiwomple in the near future.  Please feel free to ask questions about these or any other items you might be curious about!

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