Returning to the Coddiwomple

The Coddiwomple took a break, but we are back on the road.  I’m writing this from a spot in Saskatchewan, Canada off Highway 1.  We’re burning rubber trying to make it to friends in Wisconsin for the Fourth of July weekend.

The break came when we drove from visiting my family near Chicago, nearly nonstop back to our hometown of Poulsbo for our birthdays.  We had a blast surprising everyone and we both enjoyed our birthdays with friends and family, just what we wanted.  We timed the homecoming with a concert at one of the most amazing places to see music, the Gorge Amphitheater.  It is a natural amphitheater nestled above a bend in the Columbia River.  The views are phenomenal and camping there is great alone.  Including people from all over and great music, blended with a little booze, makes for a terrific way to spend some time.


We saw TOOL put on a terrific show.  We both agreed we made a good choice including it in our trip home, and it served as a great way to get us back into the RV and on the road again.  We left Brewer and our car with a family member for the weekend, so it was just the two of us.  It was really strange not having Brewer around.  Things became even more strange our last morning at the Gorge; we got a phone call saying our car had been stolen.  The call came early and it was hard to process just what to do.  Really there was nothing to do but pack up and head toward the scene so we could begin the process.  The car has since been returned to us and if you follow the facebook page you know there were some strange items stolen and some left behind.

The visit home, coupled with the car theft got my gears turning.  I started thinking how this all could become a catalyst to change the Coddiwomple.  To downsize again, to slow down for a moment, or something else entirely.  I was trying to be open to a change, but just entertaining the thought made me miss the road even more.

This crazy idea we had is now our reality.  We’ve both learned a great deal and are growing from our experiences.  Being home rekindled us through friends’ encouragement, our previous life’s frustrations reimagined, and the thoughts of change, we desperately wanted our Coddiwomple back.   It did get me thinking though, how does this end?  “So what are you going to do when you’re done?” is one of the repeated questions we try to answer.  My go-to is to respond, “when it doesn’t make sense anymore, we’ll stop, and do what we need to do.”  What if it doesn’t stop though?  What if we just lived in wanderlust, forever Coddiwompling.  This thing, this coddiwomple feels so good.  Our days are mysteries and we step into the void together, learning, loving, and living like we never imagined.  Doing this thing has made anything seem possible, you just have to DO.

Now my crazy ideas don’t seem so crazy anymore.  Currently, I am fostering the idea of becoming a commercial pilot.  Not the big airliners, I picture myself at a small airport or ferrying people around on a tour someplace beautiful.  Who knows when or where I will realize this idea as Megan’s  dream of hiking the AT is up next.  In the meantime I have no plan for what I will be doing, but I have a few crazy ideas.


One thought on “Returning to the Coddiwomple

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep wandering and experience all that the road has to offer. Become a pilot…open a lodge or campground and fly people to beautiful places. The world is your oyster! Dad always dreamt of having his own plane and seeing the world from up high. Dreams do come true.❣


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