Lessons from the Coddiwomple: Be Light

“Sell the cars, sell the house, sell the toys.   Keep a few that will enable us on our travels, zig zag all over this continent, and build ourselves up, real high, really really high, and become Memory Millionaires.”

One year ago, to the day, I quit my job and began working toward that idea.  I say that we were going to “build ourselves up,” but that was wrong.  No doubt, we have built ourselves into different people through the experiences from the trip, but the first lesson was not to build ourselves bigger, it was to make ourselves smaller.

I stressed getting rid of all those things that we had worked hard for, but now that they are gone I can not imagine ever having so much again. We are still getting rid of things, it is almost a hobby now.  If we could afford it, we would have already made the RV smaller too.  This lifestyle of less is not temporary, we have plans that in the future we would build/buy a house 600-800 square feet.  Not quite a “tiny house” but no bigger than the average apartment.

I cannot recommend it enough, getting smaller has changed so much for the better.  Our lifestyle costs less.  We impact the planet less.  We don’t need the level of income we had before so we can work less.  Life is just lighter and more fluid.  It was not easy, but it changes so much, you must try.

The coddiwomple continues!  Go over to our Facebook Page  or Instagram and catch up on pics! I’ll be posting more here about the lessons we’ve learned so far.  In the meantie please watch the end of this interview with a New York bestselling author Josh Fields Millburn on living minimal, he summarizes nicely:



One thought on “Lessons from the Coddiwomple: Be Light

  1. Linda Dieckhoff says:

    Thanks for the update, thoughts and inspiration. In observing your example I would love to downsize. Living with less and living life instead definitely is a goal
    Thanks Ian


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