Looking at a 6-month old

Shame on us! We have ZERO excuses for not updating our blog, as we have been making countless memories over the past six months. I want to remember everything about Colin from this age, but soon these wonderful moments will be pushed back by other wonderful moments. I think I could use a Pensieve. That … Continue reading Looking at a 6-month old

Hey fam! 👋

I write to you today while our son, Colin Atlas Landstine, sleeps next to me.  His existence, and middle name, have everything to do with the trip we shared with you via this Blog.  Let's catch up a bit! We last shared we were going to be home soon.  We made it home just in time … Continue reading Hey fam! 👋

And now, the AT

Dear Family + Friends In one week I will embark on my next big adventure- the Appalachian Trail.  In an attempt to complete a thru-hike, I will walk over 2,000 miles, a distance Ian and I have driven ten times over, but such a distance I will not fully appreciate until I have done it … Continue reading And now, the AT